Four Signs That You Have Found A Superior Automated Insurance Rating System

Automated Insurance Rating System

As an insurance carrier, program administrator, or even an MGA, it is important that you have a rating program that will focus on the unique needs you have as a business. Your rating system should address the requirements you have, the features of coverage, as well as the classes that you deal with. So how do you know when you have found the best automated insurance rating system? The following are four signs that you have found an insurance rating system that will be great for your business.

  1. The system supports major ISO lines and ratings. This includes crime, commercial auto and property, general liability, and even business owners.
  2. The system works with a variety of implementation techniques. This includes a simple desktop, a complicated system that runs through third-party screens, and on-line submissions.
  3. The system provides automated ratings that are always accurate and easy to find through the user interface.
  4. The system provides customizable rating solutions and worksheets that you can print out when transmitting data.

As you search for the automated insurance rating system that will be best for your company, look for these four signs that will help to ensure that you have found a system that will provide you with all the benefits you need to run a successful insurance company. When you have superior software and insurance systems, you can provide superior service to all of your clients.

Workers Compensation Insurance Helps Everyone

Workers Compensation in New York is likely to be one of the most important insurance policies you’ll ever purchase but that doesn’t mean it should be complicated.  Here’s what you need to know about this valuPreviewable policy and how it helps you.

A Policy That’s Good for Employees

All employees deserve to work in an environment where safety is a priority; you can create this environment by having Workers Compensation in New York.  This policy protects employees in the following ways:

A Policy That’s Good for Employers

Employers receive numerous benefits from having Workers Compensation in New York:

To help make these policies more effective, your insurance company may offer you safety evaluations.  These evaluations identify safety risks that have gone undetected; taking steps to correct these oversights will prevent devastating accidents later on.

Getting Carpentry Insurance

Carpentry insurance in New Jersey

Carpenters help individuals build their dreams, be it a business, home or any other type of structure. Carpenters also need help building and maintaining their own dreams, and one way that that can be done is with carpentry insurance in New Jersey. Carpentry insurance protects carpenters, their materials and their business from a variety of mishaps.

Carpentry Coverage

 Allow a qualified insurance agent to sit down with you to develop a personalized insurance plan that can include property damage, fire protection, completed operations and general liability. Most types of coverage can either be included individually or they can be added onto a customized business owners policy. Even if you already have insurance for your business, there’s no harm in making sure that you have all of the necessary coverage for your particular type of carpentry business, such as exterior carpentry for structural and building support or interior carpentry for finishing, repairing or remodeling.

Types of Exposure

 Carpentry insurance in New Jersey provides coverage for any fires that occur due to the lumber you have stored on your premises and offers protection against the theft of your lumber. Carpentry insurance also covers any equipment, tools or buildings that you currently rent or own. Including liability on your insurance plan is a must for any type of business.

Get in touch with your insurance agent to make sure that your carpentry insurance is up-to-date in order to protect your business, your employees and your clients.

The Diversity Of The Construction Industry

Construction insurance CT

Working in the construction industry can mean many different things. Whether you are an independent contractor or work for a large building firm, it’s essential to keep your risks low by purchasing the right construction insurance in CT. With the right insurance, you can operate your business without worrying about financial setbacks caused by accidents or errors.

How This Is Achieved

You can ensure that you have the right construction insurance in CT by meeting with an agent to discuss your specific business needs. Through the process of an in-depth assessment of your business site and complete risk analysis, your agent can help you to determine exactly how you need to be protected and for how much money. Your construction insurance package should be built specifically for your business and the unique needs it faces.

Construction Insurance Coverage

Regular business insurance is not enough in the construction industry. This industry faces unique challenges that require you to have some of the following coverage in place to protect you and your company.


These are just a few examples of the unique insurance needs necessary for each construction business to function at full capacity. With the inherent risks of your profession, protection from the right insurance coverage is an absolute necessity to keep those risks as low as possible.

Getting An Adequate Business Interruption Policy

Business insurance NJ

If there were to be a windstorm tomorrow and you were unable to open your business for several days, what would you do? What if your business were to completely burn down, would your flow of income be completely cut off? If you have business interruption insurance, then some of the burden would instantly be removed from your shoulders. Without interruption insurance, you may have to shut your business down forever. A business interruption policy helps you out while you’re reopening your business and makes it possible for you to conduct your business out of another location.

Part of the Policy

Business interruption insurance is part of your property insurance policy, so make sure that you don’t already have a business interruption policy before you try to get one. Interruption insurance can help you replace lost income and pay for mortgage/taxes/advertising. One extra item you can add to your interruption policy is business income for dependent property, which provides earnings insurance in the event that your suppliers were ever unable to serve your business or your customers were ever unable to secure your services or products. There’s also a utility interruption enhancement that’s useful for an interruption of gas, water or electricity.

You’ll want to make sure that the separate parts of your business interruption insurance overlap in order to make sure that you are fully protected from all matter of unfortunate events that could negatively impact the flow of your business and your income.

Choosing An Insurance Rating System

Insurance Rating Systems

Choosing an insurance rating system is an important decision for any MGA, insurance carrier, or program administrator. Choosing the right one can help lower your costs and increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. Choosing the wrong one can cause you to pay more than you need for services, and lose time and productivity due to inefficient system functions.


The system you choose should be able to process rates for all the types of insurance that your company offers. Instead of having to use one system for one type of coverage and another system for a different type of coverage, it is more efficient to have one system for everything. This way you don’t have to waste time navigating between multiple insurance rating systems. The system you choose should also be able to support the number of computers, employees, agents, and clients needed.


Accuracy in insurance rating is of fundamental importance. Insurance Rating Systems that are based on ISO data can provide your company with up-to-date, accurate ratings for your niche in a wide range of locales.

Advanced Features

Features such as scenario comparisons, automatic worksheet generation, automatic matching of ISO territory to zip code, user customization, and more will enable your company to be more productive and impress and satisfy clients and customers.


Insurance Rating Systems that can handle any amount of requirements give companies the most freedom and flexibility.

Two Situations When Restaurant Liability Insurance Could Benefit Your Business

Restaurant Liability Insurance

If you are opening a new restaurant, there are a few items of business to take care of before you open the doors to the public. One of the items of business to take care of is to talk to an insurance agent and get the best restaurant liability insurance policy that is possible for your business. The following are two situations when liability insurance could benefit your restaurant.

Being Sued

There are always circumstances which are simply unforeseen. Someone might trip on a rug in the aisle of the dining room. Another person could get food poisoning after eating at your restaurant. When unforeseen situations happen, someone could sue your restaurant. Restaurant liability insurance will protect you in such a situation.

Automobile Accident

Whether you provide a delivery service, or if you just have a company car that you let your employees use for business meetings and such, if anyone gets in an accident in the company car, they might need help paying for medical costs. You might also need to repair the car. Liability insurance could help to pay the cost if you or an employee gets in a car accident.

There are many other situations when restaurant liability insurance could come in handy. Speaking to an insurance agent could be the next step you need to take in order to get the right coverage for your business.

Understanding The Basics Of Workers Compensation For Your Small Business

Workers compensation insurance PA

Every small business with employees needs to have workers compensation insurance in PA. This insurance is essential to protect both the company and its employees. For this reason, the state requires businesses to have workers compensation insurance.




Injuries on the job create added costs for employees and businesses. Fortunately, this coverage will pay for the following:



Therefore, having workers compensation insurance in PA dramatically lowers the risk associated with job related injuries. Companies do not have to worry about covering these expenses out of pocket, and they also avoid expensive lawsuits.




The cost of a policy will vary depending on the needs of the business. Most insurance companies use payroll numbers as a guideline to set rates. In addition, every job function is also given a risk classification that is determined by the following:



The price of the policy can increase or decrease depending on the safety history of the business, whether or not health insurance is provided to employees, and other factors.


For more information on workers compensation insurance, contact an agent today. He or she can evaluate your small business and suggest plans that will fit your needs.

Some Advantages Of Excess Workers Comp Coverage

Excess Workers Compensation

According to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, more than three million employees suffered injury or illness in the workplace. The most common injuries included vehicle accidents, trips and falls, and other accidents that can happen in almost any workplace.

This data underscores the importance of having comprehensive workers compensation coverage. But what if you are worried that standard coverage will not be enough in the case of a major accident in your workplace? If this is one of your concerns as a business owner, then you may want to consider investing in excess workers compensation coverage.

What is excess coverage?

Excess workers compensation coverage is an additional insurance policy that does not start paying out until all primary policies are exhausted. With an annual 3.5 workers compensation cases per 100 full-time workers, even small or medium-sized companies might be called upon to cover multiple workers’ claims at a time. If this happens to your business, it can quickly exhaust your workers compensation coverage and lead to having to pay hefty medical bills out of pocket.

Additional benefits of excess coverage

An excess coverage policy is generally much less expensive than a standard one. It can be included as a rider on your existing coverage to save the time and trouble of underwriting a new policy. With all these benefits, excess workers compensation coverage is worth considering to provide peace of mind and security for your business.

How To Prepare Your Business For A Disaster

Windham CT insurance

There’s no telling when disaster will strike so the best thing that any business owner can do is to prepare. If earthquakes are a concern in your area, make sure that your buildings conform to the latest earthquake safety codes. If hurricanes or other severe weather is likely to threaten, make sure there are ways of securing windows, doors, and other vulnerable points. No matter what kind of disaster you might need to prepare for, make sure you have all the necessary NJ Business Insurance coverage.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

No one likes to imagine the impact a natural disaster might have but in order to adequately prepare you’ll need to think carefully about what might happen. One of the best sources of information regarding disaster preparedness is your preferred insurance agency. They can tell you about what kind of severe weather is likely to impact your local area and what can be done to lessen that impact. They might recommend expanding your existing NJ Business Insurance policy to include additional forms of coverage such as:

Working with Your Insurance Agent

These and other lines of coverage are going to help you recover from the effects of severe weather or other natural disaster. You can rely on your NJ Business Insurance company to provide you with help any time you need it. By asking a few key questions, you can work with your insurance agent to create a policy that’s perfect for you.