Protection You Need for Your Commercial Property

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Owning real estate can be a lucrative business, but it also comes with many risks.Whether you rent out your properties or operate a business in one of your buildings, it’s important to protect your assets and manage your risks with the help of commercial real estate insurance.

What’s Covered With This Policy

Protecting your business from possible dangers means you can focus on your work rather than the potential threats lurking around corners. No matter if you run your business out of your home office or a separate office building, you need this insurance to protect your company from risks including theft, natural disasters, breakdown of equipment, professional errors and even loss of income. The following are some of the property types that can be covered by this policy:

Apartments and other housing
Homeowner or condo associations
Office buildings
Marinas and shipyards
Commercial storage and warehouses
Parking structures or lots
Medical buildings

This is not an exhaustive list, so don’t worry if you don’t see your property listed. The information provided by iSure Insurance Brokers offers more insight into the types of properties covered by this insurance and the coverage options available.

Being Prepared Gives You Peace of Mind

Having the right insurance means you can protect your business from disasters and have peace of mind. Commercial real estate insurance offers the protection you need for all your commercial buildings and is a must-have.

The Importance of Professional Liability Coverage for Nurses

When you care for people’s physical health as your job, you may be vulnerable to claims of abuse. It’s important, therefore, not only to have general liability coverage but also NSO liability insurance. This type of policy is designed to protect medical providers against allegations of both physical and sexual abuse.

What’s Included in Your Coverage

research on indicates that if you are accused of abuse, your NSO liability is likely to cover several expenses:

Attorney fees needed to provide your defense
Court costs
Damages awarded to the plaintiff

After paying the deductible, you can likely make a claim for the remainder of your legal costs. Your out-of-pocket costs can be greatly reduced if you have sufficient coverage.

Professions Covered

If you hold any job in the field of nursing, you can benefit from NSO liability insurance coverage. A wide variety of professions can be covered by such a policy, including:

Geriatric Nurse
Home Health Care Aide
Nursing Consultant
Forensic Nurse
Medical Assistant

If you work in nursing, you need professional liability coverage in case you are accused of abuse or malpractice. No matter how careful and professional you behave, you cannot always control the allegations made against you. Having the right coverage to back you up when accusations arise can save you a lot of money.

Help for the Stranded Semi

Professional truckers deal with many challenges along the road, but none so difficult as running out of gas or experiencing a breakdown on the side of the interstate. The conditions along the side of the road make it a tough situation, but having long stretches of road where there isnt a truck stop for miles can make it harder to find what you need to resolve the situation. Just as an ordinary motorist would invest in a service like AAA, the team at recommends that all truckers find an insurance company that offers a truck road service assistance plan.

Trucker Challenges

There are many reasons why a trucker may need roadside assistance.

Replacing flat tires
Breakdown towing
Battery jump starts
Mobile mechanic services
Fluid level replacement
Short-range fuel supply

Trucking companies or drivers that choose to purchase insurance coverage with roadside assistance are protecting more than their vehicle. Long delays or failed power can jeopardize the cargo being transported. Time-sensitive loads can get back on the road more quickly when the driver isn’t facing his obstacles alone. The financial assistance to call for towing or replacing a flat tire can make a difference in the profitability for driver and company, as truck repairs and mechanical work can be expensive. More comprehensive plans may also include lockout services, hotel discounts or reimbursements, and even custom trip routing. Roadside assistance could become your drivers greatest asset.

Unique Protection for Your Unique Vision

All businesses have unique needs when it comes to insurance coverage. To find the best policy, it is important to take a look at your options and determine the standards for your industry. You might also want to understand whether or not your business poses any unique risks that agencies might need to know about. For these scenarios, specialty markets insurance may be able to provide the right solution.

A Relevant Fit

While specialty options can help give you access to more relevant policies, there are also decisions to make within this coverage. According to organizations like, consumers should do research and find a policy from an agency that has experience with the unique market your a part of.

Specific Industries

Specialty markets insurance covers a range of businesses. Often, it aims to provide insurance for establishments that might not fall under the umbrella of other policies. Common examples of businesses that fall into this category include:

Niche markets with a single customer base
High-risk companies with high severity of loss
Emerging or undefined industries

Each of these policies is structured to meet the specific needs of a business. In order for you to find the right fit for your company, take time to learn more about your options. Reach out to professionals and gain insight on what coverage will suit your business best.

Insurance for Home Health Providers

Manchester Specialty Insurance

Home health care is a specialized field that provides an important service to patients who need some help but don’t want to give up all their independence. If you are in the industry, it’s important to have the right coverage. Manchester Specialty Insurance recommends several policies to include in your care provider insurance package.

Liability Coverage

When you are working so closely with patients, you need to make sure you are covered in case an accident happens. Your general liability policy is a good place to start, but you may also consider adding professional liability to your package. You can get liability coverage specifically designed to cover the unique risks you take at your job.

Worker’s Compensation

Caring for others in their homes can be physically demanding, so there is the possibility of personal injury on the job. If you are hurt or contract an illness while working, a worker’s comp policy can pay for medical treatment and any wages you lose while you are recovering.

Auto Coverage

Because you are going to your patients’ homes rather than having them come to you, you need a reliable way to get there. Your care provider insurance should include an auto policy.
Every industry has its own insurance needs. Having the right coverage for home health care protects you and the people you serve.

Bridging a Malpractice Liability Coverage Gap

tail insurance

For those in the medical field, malpractice insurance is often of the first areas of defense against claims of neglect, actions, or inaction that lead to patient harm. This insurance is a form of professional liability, and the medical field sees almost 20,000 malpractice claims filed every year. With tail insurance coverage, a physician is able to extend their malpractice coverage after the claims-based policy has been terminated or canceled.

The options for this extended coverage allows medical professionals to have liability coverage in the event a lawsuit or malpractice claim is filed against them after their insurance coverage has been terminated. Many medical facilities require physicians to purchase tail coverage because malpractice suits aren’t always filed immediately following an incident. In reality, the following factors affecting reporting timelines.

Patients care is ongoing.
The patient has no immediate knowledge of medical negligence.
The formal channels and means by which a patient must make the assertion of a negligence claim.

Because of the insurance many hospitals and medical facilities carry, physicians are often required to carry their own malpractice insurance. A hospital insurance policy may only offer limited liability assistance with professional duties, and malpractice insurance allows a physician to be covered regardless of the scope of duty. Tail insurance creates a bridge policy that physicians can use when transitioning between employers or when unemployed.

Insurance for the Contractors Who Repair Ships

marine contractors insurance

If your business is taking care of ships when they need maintenance and repair, you need insurance that understands what you do. General business insurance with one-size-fits-all language tries hard to be inclusive, but without terms that speak to the nature of your industry, how can you have peace of mind about what your coverage does? That’s why you need an insurer whose focus allows the company to really serve those looking for marine contractors insurance.

Ship Repair Liability? Covered in the Shop and Outside

Your coverage needs to go everyplace you have liability for the performance of your work, and that means it needs to extend well past your front door.

Coverage for property damage due to workmanship issues
Liability coverage for injury and death to third parties
Liability coverage for third-party property damages where your work assigns you liability

If your insurer can’t speak to you in the terms that reflect your day to day experience with customers, it’s time to find someone whose policy language and communication style are a perfect fit. That way, you’ll know you have coverage for all the foreseeable situations that are part of doing business when you repair ships. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a boatyard or working in an independent workshop, the right insurer will be able to take care of your marine contractor’s insurance needs.

Types of Construction Insurance

construction liability insurance

Construction projects involve rigorous planning and laborious work before they are completed. They present endless challenges and often, endless possibilities for injury or destruction of an existing property. With this said, construction liability insurance is a worthwhile investment for any construction company that would like to do business for the long-term. There are many types of construction insurance, and these organizations can choose policies based on individual needs.

Choosing Commercial Auto Coverage

Construction organizations use many different vehicles when transporting equipment and anything else that is needed to complete a project. Commercial auto coverage allows a construction business to rest easy if any of these vehicles are damaged while actively working on a project. The option to add physical damage coverage to the policy is also available through various providers.

General Liability Coverage

Construction liability insurance generally entails necessary forms of coverage. If any property is damaged while working on a project, general liability coverage will cover the costs or at least mitigate most of the liability. The same holds for any injuries to workers or work that becomes defective over time. In terms of injuries, construction organizations usually have separate workers compensation policies for these instances. As for defective work, filing a claim for these circumstances may require more effort because it is difficult to determine why something goes wrong with almost any construction project.

Understanding the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association


It is not always easy to find fair, reliable coverage when you require insurance. While it can seem like the cards are stacked against you, it is important to reach out and discover agencies that might be able to help you along your way. MPIUA, or the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association, is an organization that exists to assist residents in urban areas with their insurance needs. There are many reasons to get in contact with this group.


The organization is also referred to as a FAIR Plan, which stands for Fair Access to Insurance Requirements. Their goal is to help residents make the best possible selection with the assistance of experts.

A Range of Services Offered

One of the biggest benefits for contacting this group is that MPIUA aims to assist applicants who qualify in their search for the right insurance policy and agency.

The organization helps by offering a range of services including:

Inspecting properties
Assessing property risks
Adjusting claims when necessary

Though the MPIUA has existed for as far back as the 1960s, many residents are still unaware of what the organization can do for them. If you think you might be able to benefit from these services, reach out and obtain more information on how you can discover the right insurance.

Understanding The Insurance Needs Of Staffing Firms

insurance for temporary staffing firms

Choosing insurance for temporary staffing firms can get overwhelming for newcomers because of the special circumstances that they face. Not only must they have coverage to protect against their own actions, but also to protect against the actions of their clients and temporary employees. Here are two examples of how this can play out.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance protects you in instances where a third party claims that an error on your part led to them experiencing a loss. For a staffing firm, this can happen if a client claims that the employee you hired caused them to incur financial loss or if the employee claims that you misled them about the role for which you hired them.

Employment Practices Liability

Another example is employment practices liability which covers you against claims that your workplace practices were inappropriate or even illegal. As a staffing firm, an employee that was released prior to his or her contract ending may file such a claim against you or your client. In either case, you may be liable for damages and your policy would cover your expenses.

To ensure that you’re properly covered, its best that you work with an agent who understands insurance for temporary staffing firms. There’s too much at stake to take a chance at having too little coverage.