Between car, home, health, and others, most people have plenty of insurance premiums to pay every month. Its no wonder many people forgo life insurance; they simply don’t want to add another monthly bill. If that sounds like you, single premium whole life insurance might be just what you need.

With this plan, you can receive the many benefits of a life insurance plan without paying premiums year after year. Instead, you pay one lump sum for a plan that lasts a lifetime. It’s a great way to protect your family’s finances now and in the future.

Single premium whole life insurance plans have many other benefits as well. You can access your cash during your lifetime, purchase additional insurance with ease, and receive creditor exemptions. Most importantly, you can rest easy knowing that your family’s financial future is secure.

You can purchase this plan for your newborn child to have for life or buy it for yourself up to the age of 85. This program differs from other wealth accumulation accounts such as savings, CDs, and Money Market Funds because the money is tax-free for your beneficiaries. Furthermore, you can use this insurance as collateral on a loan.

If you want a great life insurance plan without having to pay monthly or annual premiums, you have a great option at hand.