A crash occurs, and luckily your truck driver is safe and sound. Unfortunately, you dont have liability insurance. This violates a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirement and will cost the business financially. Exploring trucking liability programs and picking the right one is the best way to avoid this situation.

Coverage Offered

An important feature of any liability program is the specific type of coverage available. Physical damage liability covers the cost of damages done to the harmed property, such as roadside infrastructure or another trucking unit. Auto liability considers physical damages and covers the cost of any bodily injuries incurred during the incident. Trailer interchange accounts for damages to equipment attached to a unit.

Additional Offerings

Navigating the various extra benefits and highlights of a program may seem intimidating. However, it can be an interesting step towards picking the program that best fits your business. Some programs will cover new businesses while others may not. Cost-free towing may be a nice option and bi-national driver acceptance may be an important deciding factor.

Make sure the program specifications fit your range of travel and unit type. Picking the right option from a variety of trucking liability programs is an excellent, assertive way to protect a business.