Pre need insurance

The last thing most of us want to do when we pass is leave our family and friends with the financial burdens of handling our remains. Whether you plan to be cremated or buried, the costs incurred can be steep. The funeral itself and arrangements can add an additional financial burden to those left behind. Pre need insurance allows you to handle those costs ahead of time, so your family and friends don’t have to worry about it.

What the Plans Cover

Many insurance companies, mortuaries and cemeteries offer pre need insurance policies. Once you’ve chosen where your funeral should happen, the policies cover the funeral expenses, many of which approach an average of $10,000.

Why You Benefit from the Coverage

While different than final expense policies offered by life insurance companies, a pre need plan covers the expenses ahead of time. The benefits of using a pre need policy include:

  • Take the place of a permanent life insurance policy
  • Fill the gaps of a term life policy
  • Funeral expenses are prepaid
  • Family and friends can focus on mourning

Take your funeral plans to the next level by obtaining pre need insurance. An insurance professional can walk you through the guaranteed and non-guaranteed services of the plans available. Your final resting place doesn’t have to be a financial burden on your loved ones.