Hurricane season has arrived and as a result, a lot more people will be thinking about purchasing flood insurance in Babylon or renewing their current policies. If you’re one of the millions of homeowners in the U.S. who is starting to think about flood insurance, here are some things you need to get done first.

First, make sure your home is secure by cutting down tree limbs that pose a hazard to the home in case of strong winds. If necessary, board up your windows and make sure they are as secure as can be. Second, remember that the power may go out during a hurricane or strong winds, so having enough supplies is essential. Prepare a 72-hour kit in case you’re unable to leave the home. Finally, bring inside any items that could be dangerous if blown around by heavy winds. Take the trampoline or swing set apart and store it in the garage for the season, as well as any yard or patio furniture you have sitting out.

If you live in an area that is especially prone to flooding, its imperative that you take these steps necessary to protect your home and property to protect against the worst-case scenario. Also make sure you talk to your insurance agency about getting flood insurance in Babylon right away.