Temporary staffing insurance
Temporary staffing insurance

Every major industry needs liability insurance. Most professionals in any given industry are good at their jobs, and marketing efforts probably focus on their unique skills involving accounting, engineering, or web design. Of course, there are other aspects to a business. Everybody makes mistakes on occasion, and if you aren’t covered with insurance, a huge financial struggle could follow for a business. Like any other workforce sector, temporary workers need to be safe too. That why there are policies to deal with temporary staffing insurance.

The Importance of General Liability Insurance

When accidents happen and people get hurt, general liability is the policy designed to cover those situations. Whether the issue is property damage or a personal injury, a good liability policy will help clean up the mess as quickly as possible. This is essential for situations like a motor vehicle accident, but it could also cover a customer falling on a slippery warehouse floor and breaking an arm. If a temporary employee under contract falls or causes someone to be hurt on a job, that liability may fall under a temporary staffing insurance package. You should know that there is usually a deductible with this type of policy.

The Basics of Professional Liability Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance quite literally refers to mistakes made in services given, or things left out of services given which allegedly cost a client money. This could mean a contract wasn’t valid, or a shipment didn’t get sent in time. Such temporary staffing insurance policies are available for most temporary employees with the exception of doctors and dentists.