If you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer of business supplies, you have special needs when it comes to your insurance coverage. Yes, you need the standard coverage to protect your buildings and prevent your liability. You also need workers compensation coverage if you meet your states minimum requirements, but what about your inventory? Your fleet? Your drivers? All of these things must be considered when securing your business supply insurance, because all of these things are unique to your industry. Don’t chance your business by ignoring the specialized riders designed just for your operations.

For example, you have inventory and lots of it. You must protect the inventory on your manufacturing lines, in your warehouses and on your store shelves. You must also protect your supplies being delivered, either via post or truck. For the online portion of your business, make certain all of your parcels are protected beyond standard postal insurance once they leave your shipping dock. For the delivery portion of your business, make certain your trucks and drivers are covered adequately against accidents. You don’t want to risk losing your inventory or business to an uncovered loss, so speak with a qualified company that specializes in business supply insurance today to secure the coverage you need.