Digital data is the lifeblood of the modern economy. Think for a moment about the sheer volume of sensitive data that your business stores electronically. How much liability would you be exposed to if this data was compromised? A data theft or cyber terrorism attack could have dire consequences for not only you, but your vendors and, most of all, your customers. The time is now for you to consider the importance of cyber risk insurance in Indiana.

The threat is real. The news is full of stories of high-profile computer network breaches. Internationally, governments and police agencies are all but powerless to stop the damage and property loss caused by hackers, information thieves, and cyber vandals. These criminals operate with near impunity since it is so difficult to track down and prosecute them.

Where does that leave you? The responsibility for keeping sensitive data secure lies with the business owner. Make sure your network is as secure as possible. Fix any holes that might allow unauthorized entrance to your databases.

Since no form of security is foolproof, you still need protection for when the unimaginable happens and your data is stolen or destroyed. Cyber risk insurance in Indiana will help protect you from the damaging financial fallout of a cyber-disaster.