If you provide home healthcare, then you know how varied the services are. As a result, home health companies face unique risks and challenges. The standard insurance for most businesses simply will not be sufficient. For example, a client could slip and fall in the shower while receiving assistance from your staff resulting in a broken hip or other injury. To make sure you are adequately covered, consider a home healthcare specialty program for your insurance.

When looking for the right insurance, youll want to make sure that you are covered for the various risks you face. Check for a program that goes beyond workers compensation and includes professional and general liability, directors and officers liability, and regulatory audit insurance coverage. These types of policies will account for client injuries, staff negligence, property damage and Medicare or Medicaid audits. In addition, if you provide transportation assistance, youll want to make sure the plan includes non-owned and hired auto policies.

As an in-home care provider, you offer tailored services to meet your clients needs and abilities. You should have an insurance policy that does the same for you. Choosing a home healthcare specialty program means youll be protected in the event that an employee or client is injured or is involved in a car accident. These plans mean that you can continue offering high quality services without worrying about the risks inherent in this field.