If you own or operate a marina or yacht club, you should be sure to have a marina insurance plan in place that will safeguard your company. Here are three things you should always include in your policy.

Guarding Your Property

You have made a significant investment into your company by acquiring various property and equipment. Protect your assets by enrolling in coverage that will provide protection for owned watercraft, business income, and boat show and exhibition events. You will also want to include coverage for equipment and tools such as lifts. Docks, piers, and wharves should likewise be included in the plan.

Shield Your Organization With Liability Coverage

Owning or running a marina puts you at risk for many liability issues. You should take plenty of time to find a plan that will guard against crippling lawsuits and other mishaps. Keep an eye out for ship repair liability, protection and indemnity clauses, and marina operator’s legal liability. You will also want to include commercial automobile, pollution, bumbershoot, and products completed operations liability.


Your employees should be an asset to your organization, but sometimes liability issues can arise that require you to be protected from employee grievances. Ensure that all of your staff is trained properly in the use of equipment, emergency procedures, and other safety-related matters. Have frequent training sessions on issues such as sexual harassment to further protect your company. Enroll in marina insurance that will provide workers compensation coverage to further shield your business from potential financial liabilities.

Guard Your Investment

Keep your company strong by having the proper policy in place. Safeguard your investment and keep your organization running smoothly.