Nursing is arguably one of the most noble professions to pursue, but like all professions there is an element of risk involved in working without the proper safeguards. Some nurses believe that liability coverage, typically provided by an employer, is sufficient but may be disappointed to discover that in some cases a nurse’s current affiliation and employment status affects this coverage. Full coverage may not be available, and this is why some nurses choose to take control and be proactive by supplementing with their own NSO malpractice insurance plan.

Having this plan in place can help put these caregivers minds at ease. NSO malpractice insurance can help ensure that nurses are protected against issues that can affect licensing, reputation and future employment. Some of these may include the following accusations:

  • Causing financial damage or injury to a patient
  • Being unavailable for care
  • Not adhering to proper nursing practices

Nurses are often responsible for overseeing the health and safety of our loved ones, and tasked with providing medications, offering advice and support, bridging the communication gap between patients and doctors as well as hands-on care. However, despite the positive reputation, even those with a good record are not immune to misunderstandings and human error which can amount to a great deal of time, money and stress, not to mention its impacts on ones reputation and future job prospects. NSO malpractice insurance can help put these professionals minds at ease so that they can better focus on providing quality care.