The coastline is a beautiful place to retreat from life at the end of your workday. The brilliant sunrises or glowing sunsets, picturesque beaches and water views can offer peace and serenity. One small detail could spoil your ability to enjoy this idyllic location, and it would be coastal home insurance.

The location of your residence establishes exposures traditional homeowners’ policies may not cover. The general coverage traditionally includes loss or damage resulting from incidents involving fire, theft, lightning or other disasters. However, coastal property is susceptible to high wind damage (as with a hurricane), hail or even flooding. A policy designed for coastal homes addresses the gap in coverage left by a standard homeowners’ policy.

Good coverage can’t protect your home from damage, but there are some things you can do to minimize loss during a storm.

  • Install hurricane or storm shutters.
  • Install impact-resistant doors or panes.
  • Install deadbolt locks at least one inch long on all exterior doors.
  • Install garage doors designed for wind resistance.
  • Remove dead or dying trees from around the house and property.
  • Periodically, inspect your roof for loose shingle or tiles.

A comprehensive coastal home insurance policy will help with the financial needs following a storm, but proactive measures can minimize the damage that occurs. Take inventory of your home today!