Insurance is the least glamorous aspect of mobile entertainment, but it is one of the most necessary. Because it is a less common type of business, mobile entertainers need liability insurance specifically for their trade to protect them from third-party claims. Otherwise, with a more general professional liability policy, they will likely be left with gaps in their coverage.

Who Should Get Insurance Specific to Mobile Entertainers?

Mobile entertainers insurance provides protection primarily for bands and DJs, but it can also cover entertainers like party clowns and magicians, face painters, entertainers who dress up as storybook or holiday characters, and others. Equally as important as those who entertain at parties, weddings, and other events are those who capture the memories made during those special times. That is why photographers and videographers are also included in this specialized coverage. Another critical aspect of putting on memorable events is planning. Wedding planners and those who specialize in carefully preparing and executing important events can also benefit from mobile entertainers’ insurance.

What Kind of Coverage Do Mobile Entertainers Get?

When working with experienced insurance providers, mobile entertainers can receive liability insurance to cover claims related to personal injury and property damage. Oftentimes, their policies have coverage amounts that apply separately to each event they participate in. In some cases, they may add inland marine insurance to their liability policy. Speaking to a qualified professional is all it takes to make sure they have the coverage they need to create and keep memories for their clients.