If youre like a lot of people, you may not think about your homeowners insurance until something happens to your home. Its very easy to toss the policy into your safe documents folder and pay the premium each year. Duncan insurance recommends taking the time to go over your policy every year with your insurance agent.

Your insurance needs may change over time. Although you didn’t move, you may have made improvements to your home that need to be protected by your insurance policy. In some areas, your homes value may increase. In the event of a loss, it may cost more to replace your home than your insurance will pay.

Your home insurance policy can also protect most of your assets. If you bought a valuable piece of artwork or jewelry in the past year, you should make sure your insurance policy covers that item. Some outside improvements, such as a pool or trampoline, may require added insurance.

When youre talking to Duncan insurance about your policy, note the exclusions. Generally, earthquakes and floods are not covered by homeowners insurance. You should have a separate policy in the event of damages. Knowing your exposure and risk can help you make determinations about the coverage you need. Ask about discounts that may be available to you for installing safety and security features.

An annual review can be quite valuable to you in terms of information and costs.