Most common injuries in auto shops are minor and result in minimal employee time off or worker compensation claims. However, less frequent but more serious accidents can result in major problems and force car repair insurance rates to increase dramatically.

Every employer wants to lower their risk of accidents, but sometimes it’s not enough to create safe working conditions to achieve this goal. The key to minimizing danger is to create a safety plan that requires employees to participate. Plans need to show you are committed, need to be easy to follow, and should get all workers involved.

First, make sure you spend the time and money to provide protective gear and tools. Go beyond industry regulations to show employees their safety is your greatest concern. Make sure eyewear, gloves, and masks are checked regularly and replaced as needed. Second, create a simple risk reporting system and make safety checks part of the daily work routine. Also, include responsibilities in your employees’ job descriptions that define required clothing and protocols. Train them about using protective gear and on ways to properly lift, bend, and carry machinery, tools, and parts. Lastly, create a way for employees to provide feedback on these systems and the issues that arise, and listen to their input.

If you incorporate these simple steps in your shop, you will create a work environment that will go a long way towards lowering or maintaining your car repair insurance costs.