It is a good idea and a responsible move to secure insurance for dog bites if you have a dog that is considered dangerous or that has a history of biting. Insurance offers you protection against claims from anyone who your dog may bite. As with any insurance, you want to shop carefully.

Types of Insurance

There are many types of insurance that may cover dog bites, but in order to get the best protection possible, you really should look for a policy that is specific to dog bites. When people rely on their homeowner’s insurance or another type of insurance to handle a case like this, it often ends badly. That is because these other types of insurance aren’t designed to cover this sort of thing. With actual dog bite insurance, you can be positive you are covered.

Scope of Coverage

You should also make sure that you understand all aspects of your policy. Know which incidents are covered and which are not. Ask questions if anything is unclear. Also, be aware of your coverage limits. Dog bite settlements can be very costly, so get the most insurance you can afford, especially if your dog has a history of biting.

While nobody wants to see their dog bite another person, it happens. It’s best to protect yourself by being proactive and getting insurance for dog bites.