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Types of Construction Insurance

construction liability insurance

Construction projects involve rigorous planning and laborious work before they are completed. They present endless challenges and often, endless possibilities for injury or destruction of an existing property. With this said, construction liability insurance is a worthwhile investment for any construction company that would like to do business for the long-term. There are many types of construction insurance, and these organizations can choose policies based on individual needs.

Choosing Commercial Auto Coverage

Construction organizations use many different vehicles when transporting equipment and anything else that is needed to complete a project. Commercial auto coverage allows a construction business to rest easy if any of these vehicles are damaged while actively working on a project. The option to add physical damage coverage to the policy is also available through various providers.

General Liability Coverage

Construction liability insurance generally entails necessary forms of coverage. If any property is damaged while working on a project, general liability coverage will cover the costs or at least mitigate most of the liability. The same holds for any injuries to workers or work that becomes defective over time. In terms of injuries, construction organizations usually have separate workers compensation policies for these instances. As for defective work, filing a claim for these circumstances may require more effort because it is difficult to determine why something goes wrong with almost any construction project.

Two Situations When Restaurant Liability Insurance Could Benefit Your Business

Restaurant Liability Insurance

If you are opening a new restaurant, there are a few items of business to take care of before you open the doors to the public. One of the items of business to take care of is to talk to an insurance agent and get the best restaurant liability insurance policy that is possible for your business. The following are two situations when liability insurance could benefit your restaurant.

Being Sued

There are always circumstances which are simply unforeseen. Someone might trip on a rug in the aisle of the dining room. Another person could get food poisoning after eating at your restaurant. When unforeseen situations happen, someone could sue your restaurant. Restaurant liability insurance will protect you in such a situation.

Automobile Accident

Whether you provide a delivery service, or if you just have a company car that you let your employees use for business meetings and such, if anyone gets in an accident in the company car, they might need help paying for medical costs. You might also need to repair the car. Liability insurance could help to pay the cost if you or an employee gets in a car accident.

There are many other situations when restaurant liability insurance could come in handy. Speaking to an insurance agent could be the next step you need to take in order to get the right coverage for your business.