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Keeping You and Your Residents Safe

nursing home insurance coverage

The aging population of America means more and more nursing homes will be required across the country. These homes will play a critical role in the lives of thousands of families and therefore require the right kinds of insurance. Without protection, homes may find themselves hit with costly fees and may even leave residents without a home if their center suffers financially. Here a few policies that should be included in a nursing home insurance coverage package.

Commercial Auto

If you operate a nursing home, chances are your residents will want to head out to church, special events or shop. This requires transportation that can be covered under a nursing home plan. Now you can take your patients wherever they need to go knowing your finances and their medical expenses can be covered after an accident.

General Liability

Even a nursing home is not safe from accidents. General liability can help whenever a resident or even a visitor falls or slips on the property.

Professional Liability

Your staff is responsible for the safety and health of your residents around the clock. What happens if an employee has a mistake or neglects a patient? Professional liability deals with the possible claims that may result.

Obtaining nursing home insurance coverage doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Get working with an agent or broker that specializes in this care and protect your home.

Weathering the Litigious Seas of the Legal Profession

professional liability

Practicing law these days can be full of pitfalls. Most types of attorneys are at risk and can possibly face severe financial setbacks in the form of suits filed against them. Insurance companies have begun to provide coverage for law firms similar to the malpractice insurance they provide to doctors. Large law firms are not the only ones in peril. Risks of financial liability can also affect small firms and individual lawyers. Judging by some recent cases, employed lawyers professional liability insurance appears to be a growing need in the coverage marketplace.

Whether a lawyer is a specialist in a particular area or more of a generalist, the threat of a peeved client filing a lawsuit is definitely a reality. Anytime a missed detail occurs in a contract, real estate deal or almost any other legal or commercial transaction, clients might be more apt to go after the individual lawyer in an attempt to recoup any damages they suffer. Sometimes, a large firm is able to absorb these losses as just a part of the cost of doing business. These types of actions, however, might totally wipe out an individual lawyers finances. Employed lawyers professional liability insurance can offer some financial protection and could help attorneys under fire stay financially solvent.

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