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Understanding an Occupational Accident Claim

occupational accident claims

When it comes to insurance regarding employees getting hurt on the job, worker’s compensation is the first term that comes to mind. This is for good reason. It is the most common coverage that employers opt for and is required in many states. There is an alternative to this that is allowed in some places and can be applied to contractors or employees not covered by workers comp. It is known as occupational accident insurance and you should know the main differences in these policies.

OAI Highlights

There are many similarities between workers comp and OAI. They both provide a certain level of financial protection for both parties in the case of a work-related injury. OAI provides more flexibility and options for an employer with the result being lower premium costs. However, occupational accident claims come with their own set of risks and these are some of the major distinctions with OAI:

  • It only covers lost wages and medical bills up to the coverage limit.
  • Employers have the burden of proof in any lawsuit.
  • Employees can sue for pain and suffering.
  • Coverage for legal fees is often minimal.

Understanding how workers comp and occupational accident insurance differ can help you make the right decision for your company and workforce. This could help save overall costs. A knowledgeable insurance professional can help explain the pros and cons for your situation.

Condominium Capital Improvement Projects and Florida Workers Compensation Coverage


When getting bids for a project in a Florida high rise condominium building, everyone requests a copy of contractors’ general liability information. However, not all project managers verify worker’s compensation coverage. This vital coverage is an indispensable feature of any bid package, so dont forget to include it in your request for proposals. You need to have your contractors’ current insurance and Florida workers compensation proof of coverage throughout the entirety of your project

Proof of Coverage

According to https://hilbrgroupfl.com/, you can verify a company coverage status by going online. It’s important to have this information readily available for building inspections, and you should keep track of certificates expiration dates so you don’t unexpectedly find yourself without up-to-date coverage information. Although your project contract should specify that its the contractor’s obligation to provide you with their insurance and workers’ compensation information, don’t rely on them to keep them updated for you. Once obtained, keep all of your documentation in a comprehensive project binder will ensure that you have everything you need for building inspections, and it will enable you to stay on top of your project’s progress and timeline.


Ideally, your project contract should make clear that your general contractor must ensure that all subcontractors have Florida workers’ compensation proof of coverage. You should also request copies of subcontractors’ certificates to include as a part of your project binder.

Insurance for the Gaps in Your Workers Compensation

stop gap insurance

Operating in a state with monopolistic workers compensation markets can introduce gaps in your insurance coverage because typically those policies are dictated by the state’s requirements, without the flexibility that comes when you can bundle it into your other insurance policies or shop around for options for specialized coverage. There is nothing to do about it except finding the coverage you need, and stop gap insurance provides it. This coverage fills in the employer liability protections often included in plans in states with more open markets, so you can manage your risks without any holes in your coverage.

How Stop Gap Coverage Works

This insurance typically requires general liability because this coverage isn’t a single package that robustly covers all your liability, instead it supplements that coverage and provides for the situations not outlined in either your general liability policy or your worker’s compensation coverage. The result is a more robust, nuanced form of protection than you’d have with just those two policies. According to www.wwspi.com, there are several components that have to come together to make this coverage work, and not every employer needs to worry about it. If you are moving into a new state from one that doesn’t have a monopoly market on worker’s compensation coverage, you need to understand how your operations in that state will have different insurance needs from the facilities you run in other states.

Coverage for Restoration Services

moody insurance

Coverage for Restoration Services

In the US, there are two types of storm chasers. The individuals that head out before a storm happens to track its progress, and the companies and individuals that come behind the storm and clean up the mess. If you are a cleaning or restoration company, you know all too well the devastation mother nature can bring to homes and businesses. Without the right insurance coverage, such as the programs offered by Moody Insurance, you might find your company devastated by liability claims. The types of coverage you should consider for your business include:

Business Property

Comprehensive General Liability

Extended Property Damage

Lost Key coverage

Crime and Employee Fidelity

Workers Compensation

Excess/Umbrella Liability

Business Automobile

The work your company will perform can range anywhere from carpet cleaning to mold removal or large construction projects. Each area of interest and services will have its own set of liabilities for employees, but the customer’s location and property can also be a concern when thinking of theft and employee actions. Traveling to the job site in a company vehicle, removing debris and transporting materials opens several automobile concerns.

When you take out a policy with Moody Insurance, you will find their areas of expertise include cleaning and restoration. With their knowledge of your industry, they can find the right coverage to meet your company needs.

Coverage Options for Social Services Programs

social services insurance programs

Coverage Options for Social Services Programs

Social services programs serve the communities around them. Its important for any organization that helps the community to have insurance coverage that protects them. Social services insurance programs are imperative.

What Organizations Are Covered?

Social services is a large umbrella term. It can count for a number of different organizations. Some of these organizations include:

Religious institutions
Residential care
Food banks
Foster care facilities
Community action organizations
Emergency shelters

The types of organizations that may need social services insurance vary. The best way to know if your organization counts is to speak with an insurance broker about your coverage options.

What Options Are There?

There are several different protections that an organization needs. For instance, if you have employees, then youll need to keep them safe. Likewise, you may need to keep your managers or directors protected against claims. Here are some of the coverages available:

Cyber liability
D&O coverage
EPL coverage
Fiduciary coverage
Workers compensation

When it comes to coverages that you need, you can find what will best protect your organization.
Social services are crucial to the communities that they are a part of. When it comes down to it, all social service organizations need to have insurance coverage. In order to know the best social services insurance programs for you, you should speak to a broker.

Why Insurance is Necessary for a Home Care Agency

home care agency insurance

Home care agencies involve providing care to individuals who need daily care related to housekeeping and certain medical needs. While this provides an important service to these folks, it’s important to have the necessary coverage to avoid problems. Here’s why home care agency insurance is necessary for agencies, workers, and the people they care for.

Insurance Provides General Liability Coverage

Although general liability doesn’t sound specific to a home care agency’s needs, it provides protection against problems such as bodily injury and property damage. These are more likely to occur in someone’s home than a traditional healthcare setting, so it’s important to protect workers and the agency from these problems.

Worker’s Compensation Handles Injury Issues

Injuries are common at any job. For those involved working in people’s homes moving and handling patients, this is even more common. Having a worker’s compensation program on insurance can protect against a costly issue from arising.

Professional Liability Protection

Sometimes claims against agencies and the individuals working for them can arise. Even in cases where these claims are unfounded, it’s necessary to have insurance coverage in case the agency is taken to court. Having this kind of protection keeps agencies from getting involved in costly court proceedings.

Home health care agency insurance is necessary for agencies and individuals. It can protect against accidental injuries for the person receiving care as well as the worker. Altogether, this can save agency money should they get involved in court or need to pay out of pocket costs.

The Need For Proper Workers Compensation

Regardless of the type or size of your company, it is important to make certain the proper workers’ compensation packages are in place. Custodial staff, sales clerks and clothing workers compensation is going to differ just as one company differs from another. Your company needs to be certain to have the proper workers compensation in place to look after the needs of every part of your team.

Clothing Workers Compensation  Different Types of Compensation for Different Needs

When looking for a company that can tailor a program to your company’s specific needs, be sure you find one that can help you in several areas. You will want to make sure they can help you with each of these important areas:

  • Programs that promote safety for you and your employees
  • Assistance in loss prevention
  • Programs that help workers return to the workplace
  • Help with claims management issues

How to Get the Benefits Your Company Deserves

If your company does not yet have these benefits in place, please consult your insurance broker or agent to make certain you take the proper steps to completing this important task. If you do not yet have an insurance broker or agent, you should find one as soon as possible so you may offer these programs to your employees. A qualified representative will be able to help you so you have the right pieces in place, when you need clothing workers compensation, or any other type of workers compensation insurance.

Benefiting From Human Resources Consulting

If you don’t have a human resources department of your own, then you might want to look into Connecticut HR consulting in order to cover all of your bases and keep from making a grave mistake. Some companies are simply so small that they can’t afford to have a full human resources staff, so it makes more sense for them to hire a consulting firm whenever the need for a human resources expert arises.

Connecticut HR consulting Advantages of a HR Consulting Firm

 There are several advantages to hiring a Connecticut HR consulting firm. You’ll be working with experts who know everything there is to know about your field. An HR consulting firm will come in handy in a time of crisis, such as someone alleging discrimination or if one of your former employees is suing you for firing them. Small companies more than likely won’t have the required resources on hand to handle such a crisis. An HR consulting firm will make your work more efficient since they’ll be able to send new employees their papers online rather than you having to print all of them out and keep up with them. A consulting firm will also be able to set up a performance management system so you can see how your employees are performing and how they can improve.

 You have to learn a lot in order to run a successful business, but there are some tasks that you’re better off letting a professional handle. HR consultants can set up employee benefits, career development programs, training programs and set up internal policies as well. Now you won’t have to guess or risk making a mistake.

Consider having a professional consulting firm take a look at your business to see what areas can be improved.

Understanding The Basics Of Workers Compensation For Your Small Business

Workers compensation insurance PA

Every small business with employees needs to have workers compensation insurance in PA. This insurance is essential to protect both the company and its employees. For this reason, the state requires businesses to have workers compensation insurance.




Injuries on the job create added costs for employees and businesses. Fortunately, this coverage will pay for the following:


  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Death benefits
  • Lost wages from missing work
  • Permanent disability costs


Therefore, having workers compensation insurance in PA dramatically lowers the risk associated with job related injuries. Companies do not have to worry about covering these expenses out of pocket, and they also avoid expensive lawsuits.




The cost of a policy will vary depending on the needs of the business. Most insurance companies use payroll numbers as a guideline to set rates. In addition, every job function is also given a risk classification that is determined by the following:


  • How often injuries occur
  • How severe the injuries are


The price of the policy can increase or decrease depending on the safety history of the business, whether or not health insurance is provided to employees, and other factors.


For more information on workers compensation insurance, contact an agent today. He or she can evaluate your small business and suggest plans that will fit your needs.