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Which Workplace Protection Policy Is Right for You?

Workplace Protection Policy

For most employers in the U.S., worker’s compensation insurance is not an optional form of coverage. Instead, it’s a state-mandated program. In some areas, there is even a monopolistic organization that handles policies for all employers in the state. There are areas where worker’s compensation is not mandatory, though, like jobs that send you to locations outside of jurisdictions with those policies. Some offshore mining and refining operations fit this definition, as do many employers who send workers abroad for contracted labor in various industries. For those employers, there may be an option for worker’s compensation, but often the policy they use to protect employees is an occupational insurance policy, which has a few distinct differences.

Contrasting Workers Compensation and OAI

Workers’ compensation tends to be more expensive because of the provisions that cover workers for lost wages and medical expenses with no upper limit. By contrast, occupational insurance covers medical costs and lost wages associated with an accident up to the policy maximum, and it is up to your company to calibrate its coverage to its needs. There is a chance that under-insurance could place financial liability for a portion of the costs associated with accidents on your company, so if this policy looks like a good fit for your business, you’ll want to work with insurance experts who make occupational accident coverage the focus of their work.

Exploring the Various Types of Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers Compensation Insurance in PA
Workers Compensation Insurance in PA

Risk of injury on the job is more prevalent in certain industries than others. Verifying that you have the right coverage to protect you in the event an employee is injured can easily be done with the help of a professional insurance company. There are many types of Workers Compensation Insurance in PA which you can choose between to determine which one is right for your business.


Medical Expenses


Depending on the severity of an injury on the job, the cost of related medical expenses can be exceptionally high. This is especially the case if someone is in an accident that requires long term care to fix before he is eligible to return to the job. The right coverage can cover these medical expenses to save you from going broke in case an employee gets injured.


Permanent Disability


Sometimes, when a person is injured on the job, the injury is so devastating that it permanently disables them from being able to return to their previous position. This circumstance can have detrimental effects on the financials of the injured person. Workers Compensation Insurance in PA allows clients access to policies covering permanent disability.


Whether you are in need of coverage to protect your business from the costs associated with lost wages, rehabilitation, or death benefits, Workers Compensation Insurance in PA has got you covered completely. Contact a professional today for further assistance in putting together a plan that is unique to your business’s needs and the industry you work in.


The Most Options for Workers Compensation Insurance in California

workers compensation insurance in California
workers compensation insurance in California

When an insurance agent puts together the perfect insurance plan for a client, it can really be a lot of hard work. The agent has to consider every aspect of the client’s business in order to give him a plan that will cover all areas of business, employment, assets, and more. One thing that an agent should never forget to include for a client is workers compensation insurance in California. If you are an insurance agent looking for the most options for insurance coverage, there are some specific things that you should look for. They include:


  • A company that provides workers compensation insurance in California for a variety of industries including trucking, auto repair, dealerships, and more.
  • A company that has all of the resources you need to help your client make the right decision without having to shop all over the place.
  • A company that has the knowledge, staff, and experience to help your clients provide a safer work environment for their employees.


When you find a company that lives up to certain standards, you can rest assured that you will be offering your clients the very best workers compensation insurance in California. Whether your clients serve those in trucking, dealerships, or other businesses, be sure that you can always say you have the most options for their needs with a representative you can trust.

Lower The Cost Of Workers Compensation Coverage Through Good Safety Practices


Workers Compensation Coverage
Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers compensation is a major expense for just about any auto dealership, in some cases second only to the payroll. While the cost of keeping employees safe can be high, there are ways to reduce the premiums for workers compensation coverage. If a company engages in good safety practices, the insurance carrier is likely to charge less. There are many ways to improve safety at a dealership.


From the Start

First of all, a dealership should be sure to hire responsible employees that are well informed of the job’s requirements. As soon as a new person joins the company, they should be educated on basic safety practices. Including a safety briefing in the new employee orientation tells the worker that their employer values safety.


On the Job

A dealership should make sure that all safety procedures are understood and enforced in order to prevent corners being cut. The management should take the precautions seriously and ensure that the employees are doing the same. It can help to have the safety rules posted in a prominent place.


Just in Case

If disaster does strike, employers should know how to respond. Injury management doesn’t end once an employee has received medical care; employers should monitor their recovery and communicate with both the hospital and insurance company. They should also takes steps to prevent a similar accident from happening again. Good safety practices like these help protect employees, keep business running, and lower the cost of workers compensation coverage.