Finding the right staff for a position is critical to any business, but especially a staffing firm. After all, your clients depend on you to provide good candidates to meet their organizational needs. While an interview provides the opportunity for you to delve into a candidates experience, it only tells a part of the story. References provide additional insight into how a potential employee performs, and a thorough check is essential to the hiring process.

Conducting a Thorough Reference Check

Gone are the days of checking references merely to confirm work history. Its up to you to investigate to get details on a potential hire:

  • Verification of identity
  • Solicit feedback from past colleagues
  • Learn information that the candidate withheld or omitted

Listen for reference check strengths and weaknesses. Not all weaknesses are created equal, as some can be turned into strengths with training and experience, while others are indicative of a larger issue that may spell trouble for your company or client.

Reading Between the Lines

Its important to remember that an applicant will accentuate their positives, especially on a resume or cover letter and interview. The reference check gives you an opportunity to hear and see what others are and arent saying about a candidate. Staffing agencies are held to some of the highest standards when it comes to hiring.