From friendly play going too far, to an overprotective chihuahua defending his master, dog bites are an unfortunate and common liability of owning a furry best friend. When Spot decides to bite the nice neighbor across the street, you are responsible as an owner, and that can sometimes be expensive, unless you have dog bite liability insurance.

Even though your dog is just the sweetest thing, and even though you’ve trained him and tamed him better than Prehistoric Dar ever could (he’s that muscular fellow from that wild 80s movie, remember?), he can still get out of hand, even if it’s an accident. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying sorry, but sometimes a dog bite can lead to shots, stitches, and pricey medical bills, all of which your kindly neighbor will ask you to pay. But in a kindly way.

Having dog bite liability insurance will make those bills easier to cover, as they won’t have to be paid out of pocket. They will also help soften things up between you and your neighbor, though in all honesty there’s nothing anyone can do about that rivalry you two have over the landscaping competition.

Injuries from dog bites are responsible for millions of dollars a year in medical bills, and for a lot of owners that’s coming out of pocket (or their daughter’s tuitions since she’s the one that insisted on buying the darn puppy). Don’t be like most owners and get coverage with dog bite liability insurance.