Will your business be covered in the unfortunate event that one of your shareholders is unable to work or unexpectedly dies? What if one of the products your company produces is deemed unsafe and you’re hit with a major lawsuit? Business owners may not like to think about worst case scenarios, but oftentimes they have to in order to properly protect themselves against certain financial and legal action. Business insurance can protect you from a variety of scenarios.


Common Types Of Coverage


When deciding on a Windham CT insurance policy for your business, there are specific types of coverage you may want to consider. Key person insurance will take care of your business in the event that a vital member of your business were to ever become disabled. The benefits could be used to buy out the individual’s shares or to hire and train a replacement. Product liability is useful in the event that a product your company manufacturers were to cause injury, damage or death. Liability insurance is vital to businesses as it protects them from claims of negligence, personnel error and property damage.


How Rates Are Calculated

In order to determine how much you’ll pay for business coverage, a Windham CT insurance agent will sit down with you and examine your projected risks, historical information, business experience and location. Also taken into account are how many insurance agencies that offer business insurance as well as the type and size of your business.

Look over your business today to get an idea of what you should include in your business insurance policy.