websites for insurance agents

Whatever type of business one may be, there is usually branding of some type surrounding it. Whether it’s the logo, color scheme or general tone and feel to the company, there is always something connected to the way people view and think of a business. This is no different when it comes to insurance. Thus, when creating websites for insurance agents, designers should follow their unique brand.

What is Branding?

While you may think of a clothing brand or some other type of material goods creator, it’s true that services, industries and businesses as a whole also have a brand. It’s not simply everything having the same logo placed on it, but visual and tonal aspects of things relating to a company that makes people think of that business. This can include certain colors or shapes, a type of language used in copy writing and advertising, or any number of qualities that reoccur throughout anything created by a company.


Whatever the branding is, it needs to leave an impression. People should remember the way a logo and website look and how it made them feel to browse it. When websites for insurance agents are memorable, this may make the visitors and clients feel more inclined to return and recommend it to others. This brings in more business and positive responses.