Retirement homes provide an invaluable service to the aging community. With their round the clock care and ethical standards, retirement homes employ a workforce that is dedicated to its residents. As with any business, sometimes accidents occur at work. Retirement homes workers comp is there for employees when they injure themselves on the job.

Retirement homes employ nurses, wait staff, and front desk personnel, among many others. Nurses and other medical staff often have to lift or maneuver patients, which can sometimes result in injury. They also help patients with medication, injections, blood draws, and catheters. While nurses follow high standards, injuries are sometimes unavoidable. Wait staff and kitchen staff daily prepare and deliver food to residents. These staff can injure themselves in the kitchen from hot pots and pans or trip over something left on the dining room floor. Front desk personnel can suffer repetitive strain injuries or back problems.

Despite employees’ best efforts, some do get injured on the job, so good workers comp is important in maintaining the quality of the retirement home and its workforce. Workers compensation is often part of a larger insurance package that a company will purchase for its retirement homes. A quality insurance package will include a values-based risk management approach in order to make sure employees are well educated on safety procedures and valued in the workplace. When risk is mitigated, retirement home workers comp can be utilized to cover accidents when they do happen.