Do your condo association committee meetings regularly run over time? If your condo board struggles to keep essential meetings on track, it may be time to implement a new organizational approach. Here are some of the simple strategies to help your condo meetings run as efficiently as possible.

Set Clear-Cut Priorities and Expectations at the Start of Every Meeting

One reason some meetings take too long is because attendees can easily get off topic. To avoid this, it’s important that you:

  • Write out a prioritized list of must-tackle items in order of urgency
  • Set clear-cut professional expectations for the meeting
  • Lay out other meeting protocols in the condo association handbook

Stick to an Agenda by Delegating Tasks to Different Members

Task delegation is another simple tool that can help the board members stick to the agenda. You may choose to:

  • Assign a different part of the meeting agenda to each board member
  • Lay out a meeting agenda complete with a timetable
  • Consider switching to virtual meetings or completing meetings that have run over time via email

For most condo association committee meetings, staying on track is a key part of getting essential tasks done. If your condo board often veers off the agenda or goes over time limits, setting clear-cut expectations and delegating agenda tasks are two simple strategies to help make your meetings more efficient.