Many drivers struggle to decide whether they should add comprehensive coverage to their Windham Connecticut auto insurance policies. Many people feel hesitant because comprehensive coverage is not mandatory and costly non-accident damage can seem unlikely. However, people in the following situations should strongly consider taking out comprehensive coverage.


1. The Vehicle Is Not Garaged


Parking outdoors raises the risk of vandalism, weather damage, and damage from falling objects. Many people imagine that this kind of damage is mainly a cosmetic nuisance. However, damage such as cracked windshields or broken taillights must be repaired immediately if drivers do not wish to risk tickets. Without insurance coverage, the cost of these unexpected repairs can be burdensome.


2. Local Crime Rates Are High


People who live or work in an area with high crime rates should consider comprehensive coverage, even if they park in a protected area at home or during work. After all, the car will be left outdoors during daily errands or social activities. Comprehensive is the only coverage that provides a settlement for a stolen vehicle and covers the cost of a rental.


3. Large Animals Inhabit the Area


Comprehensive also covers damage costs when a driver hits an animal. For people who live in the mountains or other areas with large animals such as deer, this coverage more than pays off in the event of an accident.


Other Cases for Comprehensive


Of course, these aren’t the only situations that merit adding comprehensive coverage to a Windham Connecticut auto insurance policy. Anyone who owns a new or well-maintained vehicle can benefit from adding this coverage to protect against freak accidents and uncontrollable damage.