Do you feel completely secure in your general liability insurance? There may be a few things that you think you are covered for that you’re actually not. Having construction general liability in Newtown, NJ is a must, but you may need more than just that to make sure that you are insured solidly. You should also consider getting:

  1. Errors and Omissions Policy -An errors and omissions policy covers you from allegations related to mistakes on forms, failure to place bids, miscommunications, faulty designs, failure to inform and neglect of duty. If a mistake is made, this will help make sure you aren’t liable.
  2. Directors and Officers Insurance -This policy is meant to protect the assets of individuals and businesses when they are liable for something. If members of management are personally named in a lawsuit, this coverage will help protect them. This allows businesses to protect their employees, and thereby attract more talent to their team.
  3. Cyber Liability -There is a lot of private data that is stored on computers. If your business were to get hacked and a customer’s credit card number or an employee’s social security number were to get compromised, you would be liable to cover all damages. A cyber liability policy may cover you against data breaches, threat of extortion, defacement of a website and virus transmissions.

If you only have construction general liability in Newtown, NJ, you should consider supplementing it with some more liability coverage to make sure that you are protected from every angle. There are a lot of things that could go wrong that would cost your construction company dearly unless you’re covered from top to bottom.