vessel pollution insurance

If you’re looking to plan a cruise for your next vacation, its worth it to research the cruise line first and foremost. Some cruise packages are suspiciously cheap, so before taking advantage of low prices, make sure you’re getting what you think you’re paying for!

What kind of insurance does the cruise line have? Think about smaller concerns like how they treat lost or stolen baggage, but don’t forget about big concerns too. Is there vessel pollution insurance if there is a leakage of some kind? What happens in case the ship collides with something? All concerns, from misplaced baggage to vessel pollution insurance, are valid.

Be aware of seasonal weather. For example, a trip to Bermuda might be dirt cheap during the months of June through September. Before jumping on this offer, research what the weather is doing during those months (which happen to be hurricane season!). Be smart when deciding on the departure date.

If the cruise line is based out of another country than the US, it might follow different procedures. Read as much as you can ahead of time about the cruise lines’ safety policies to make sure you are comfortable with them. In case of an emergency, you don’t want to be stuck on a floating vessel with no plan!

Planning a trip is exciting, but remember to be smart when planning too. Every trip is memorable, just make sure your cruise isn’t memorable for the wrong reasons.