Good staffing agencies make’s every effort to screen, interview and review employees for their clients. But even when you vet potential candidates as thoroughly as possible, problems still happen. Accidents, incompetence or inexplicable, malicious acts by the employees you’ve chosen can put your company at risk. Every agency should have the correct staff insurance to protect itself for when things go wrong.

Assessing Potential Risks

Research the insurance needs of the industry that you work with the most. If you’re connecting construction companies with workers, you’ll need a more substantial accidental injury policy than if you worked with white collar professionals. Other potential types of insurance include:

  • Workers compensation
  • Protection for clients data
  • Violations of trademark and copyright
  • Medical employee insurance

These are just a few examples, but by assessing the type of risk your company is exposed to, you can begin to determine what staff insurance you need.

Getting the Right Insurance Company for the Right Insurance

With all the different policies available, it can be difficult to find the one your agency needs. A good staff insurance agent should be able to match you up with the right kind of insurance policy. Looking for an insurance company that specializes in this field can ensure that you have an experienced agent helping you. A policy customized to your needs will provide you peace of mind as your agency continues to grow.