Your residents’ loved ones place their trust in your facility to provide the best care and consideration possible, but are you doing everything you can to protect your residents and yourself? Without Caitlin Morgan nursing home insurance, you may not have the coverage that you need should an unfortunate accident occur. There are several types of insurance that assisted living facilities should consider when purchasing a policy.

General Liability

Senior living facilities have some inherent risks that should always be covered by insurance, and general liability insurance can offer coverage for many of those risk factors. You want to be able to stay in business no matter what happens, and this type of Caitlin Morgan nursing home insurance can help you do so.

Commercial Property

The building that you own or lease for your nursing home should be covered as well. You put a lot of money and investment in to keeping your commercial property safe, updated and looking good, but without a policy that insures your buildings, you could find yourself with a significant loss.

Professional Liability

As a professional, you want to protect yourself from claims. With professional liability, insurance coverage can extend to your licenses and practice.

Most insurance companies allow you to create a policy that fits your unique needs as a fully functioning and responsible assisted living facility.