Machine dealers act as physical liaisons between machines and those who purchase them. Because machine dealers are around machinery on a daily basis, through stocking, care, and delivery, machine dealer insurance is important for those in this profession. There are different types of machine dealers, including those who sell sewing machines, auto machines, and industrial machines.

Sewing Machine Dealers

Sewing machine dealers stock sewing machines as well as related merchandise. Sewing machines are generally heavy for their size and are an awkward shape. Dealers often handle these machines on a regular basis, including taking them on and off shelves or in or out of packaging. Sometimes a dealer can sustain an injury from the machine or from other factors like stepping on or off a ladder.

Auto Parts Dealers

Dealers of auto parts work with a lot of different types of parts in a wide range of sizes and weights. Auto parts dealers usually have a large inventory and need to move items quickly and efficiently to get them to customers. Injuries can occur easily do to slipping, dropping, or sliding. Additionally, an auto parts dealer can accidentally trip over or bump into parts that may have sharp edges.

Industrial Machine Dealers

Industrial machines are generally very heavy. Sometimes forklifts are needed to get these machines from one part of the store to another. Lifting industrial machines can cause injury even when preventative measures are taken.

Insurance packages that include workers compensation are important for any machine dealer. Machine dealer insurance can ensure that all staff are covered to avoid any surprises or complications.