You run your financial institution like a well-oiled machine. Profits are up, employees are happy and clients refer all of their friends. Then, something happens. Perhaps it is a theft, an injury or a natural disaster. Does your insurance policy cover all of the above? If you do not know the answer to this question, it is time to review your options and make some important decisions. There are specialized insurance companies, such as Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers, that can help you customize an insurance portfolio for your financial organization.

What types of business insurance should make up your portfolio? There are many options to choose from, depending on the type of corporation you run and the specific coverage you seek. One key policy choice is liability insurance, which drills down further into general liability and environmental liability. Cyber liability insurance is another critical component in this age of computers. The third crucial piece is crime insurance, which applies to both internal and external threats. There are additional routes to consider such as business interruption insurance, earthquake insurance or workers compensation. Do not wait until an emergency happens to know if you are covered. Partner with a company, such as Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers, to choose the coverage that best fits your business, and understand your insurance portfolio.