Even if your business already has commercial auto insurance, you may not have looked into getting specialized senior driver business auto insurance yet. Business auto insurance for senior drivers helps keep your company protected in specific commercial scenarios. Here’s what you need to know about what this insurance typically has to offer.

Auto Coverage Can Provide Protection for Different Types of Commercial Vehicles

No matter what type of commercial vehicle your company’s senior drivers operate, you may be able to secure auto coverage for it. Some common vehicle types may include:

  • Trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Taxi cabs and rideshare vehicles
  • Unmetered cabs containing up to seven passengers
  • Appropriately licensed commercial vehicles

It’s Important To Secure Extensive and Appropriate Commercial Coverage

Most business auto insurance policies include standard commercial coverage, and some may offer more extensive insurance as well. Typical policy tenets include:

  • Personal injury protection
  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Property damage insurance
  • Medical payments and damages coverage
  • Comprehensive physical damage insurance
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists liability coverage

If your company employs senior drivers to operate different types of commercial vehicles, you may find it beneficial and even essential to secure a thorough senior driver business auto insurance policy. From personal injury protections to property damage insurance to medical payments and more, this insurance typically offers a wide breadth of crucial coverage.