employee liability

Some insurance coverage plans for staffing agencies can be easier to understand than others. For instance, if you have employees, then you need workers compensation plans; but, did you know that you also need employee liability coverage? The best way to understand what coverage you need is to determine what your risks are and what your liability is likely to be in different situations.

Since not every job or employee is the same, you will need to have an insurance plan flexible enough to cover many different situations. The biggest example of this is when you help place home nurses with clients. In addition to general liability and workers compensation, these employees will need allied medical coverage or other professional liability plans. Your agent can help you pin point all the different risks your employees, and your company, face so that you can better cover them. Some insurance companies will also help you minimize the risks that you identify through better business practices, more training or better equipment.

Employee liability is just one of the risks you will need to cover for your staffing company and the right insurance agency can help you identify the rest and cover them all. You can get a better understanding of your specific risks by talking to an agent with experience working with staffing agencies and design a plan together.