Most homeowners automatically associate their with fire protection. Surprisingly, though, the most common claims under this type of policy involve water, not fire. And, even though these claims do involve flooding, the flooding is rarely weather-related. The most frequently reported claims are due to plumbing issues or appliance failure.

Valuable Lessons Learned

Since the majority of homeowners insurance policies only provide coverage for sudden damage, inspection and regular maintenance of plumbing and large appliances is a must. Attending to leaks early on can save the homeowner from a future disaster and the necessity of filing a claim. This will also help keep your rates low, since payments for claims are usually reflected in higher premiums. Indeed, most homeowners insurance in N.J. include a maintenance provision within the policy terms, which require the homeowner to repair items before they become a major issue, or the policy will exclude coverage.

Be Proactive

Knowing the most typical claims filed under your homeowners policy hold puts you in a position of power. You can now watch for any problems involving your dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater or toilets. Fix leaks right away, replace hoses when necessary, and maintain your water heater in accordance with the owner’s manual. Consider replacing appliances as they near the end of their life expectancies.

By considering the most common types of claims filed under homeowners insurance in N.J., the homeowner is in a better position to avoid future problems. By being proactive with maintenance of appliances and plumbing issues, the homeowner can stay compliant with policy terms, avoid future problems and keep premiums low.