When you work as a contractor, you have a degree of freedom over your life that people in other careers do not experience. Naturally, there are also a number of problems that can arise due to the nature of your work. Should you become injured while on a job, for example, you will not be able to rely on the traditional comforts of turning to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy to cover costs related to your accident. Thankfully, there are several ways that contractors can protect themselves.

The Common Risks of Independent Contractors

One of the more sensible decisions you can make as a contractor is to take out a policy of workers’ compensation for yourself. There are a few key details involved in selecting appropriate independent contractor workers comp. First, you must assess the exact risks of your line of work. A contractor in the field of construction will have different risks than a graphic designer, after all. Other insurance points that might be worth looking into for contractors include: 

  • Cybercrime and extortion protections
  • Commercial auto coverage
  • E&O liability

Learn More About Your Insurance Options

Though working as a contractor can be a freeing experience, you cannot take your health and safety for granted. Look into the details of taking out an insurance policy for independent contractors and see what steps you must take to fully protect yourself.