U.S. Risk program

It’s one of the greatest joys in life to see your favorite band perform live, but remember to be an accommodating guest. Yes, you’re there to rock out and have a good time but other people are there to do the same. Be safe and courteous as a concert attendee.

Mosh Wisely

There are a time and a place for moshing, but don’t be that person that goes about it all wrong and gets concert crowd control involved. Be courteous of your neighbors; if you’re in the nosebleeds it’s probably wise to stay in your seat, whereas if you’re in the pit then, by all means, have fun and be safe.

Know Your Audience

Not every concert is the ten thousand fists in the air type, some are more formal and somber at times. Understand that jumping on your seat flashing the rock horns at a violin Concierto will probably get you thrown out.

Don’t Bring In Restricted Items

If drugs, alcohol, and lighters are not allowed in the venue, don’t bring them in. Look at your venue’s website to figure out which items you are not allowed to bring in, and while you’re at it read some more insight on crowd control at U.S. Risk programs.

It’s so easy to have fun at a concert, but all it takes is one person to kill the experience. Don’t be that person at the next concert you go to.