Professionals who offer services can sometimes make mistakes. Their clients have a right to expect a reasonable standard of care. If a client feels you have harmed them through doing business with them, they could choose to sue you. The cost of litigation and missed work can be quite expensive unless you happen to be insured for this type of situation. Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance, or MPL, can provide coverage in case a client alleges you’ve been negligent. Every MPL hunter should understand coverage options in order to make the most informed decision for their type of business.

What Does MPL Usually Cover?

A basic contract between your client and your business will only cover you to a certain extent. The type of business you own depicts what kind of coverage you’ll require. An MPL hunter should consider possible scenarios for lawsuits and choose the coverage that will fit these potential challenges. Depending upon what kind of MPL coverage you choose, you could be covered for things like punitive damages, personal injury, discrimination, legal fees, and fines. Talk to your insurance agent. They can guide you in choosing a policy that is perfect for you and customized to fit your needs for the type of product or service you offer.