Companies whose facilities are open to the general public wind up incurring liabililty for injuries and damage to personal belongings on site in a variety of circumstances. The specifics of your exposure vary according to the features of the site and the reasons the public is allowed access. For example, a company offering tours of its manufacturing facility with a very controlled access path has a very different set of public liability insurance needs than one operating a store open to the public 24 hours a day.

Purchasing Extended Public Liability Coverage

Some businesses can find general liability coverage with enough public liability protection to stop at that policy. For most companies needing insurance coverage against on-site accidents that injure the public, though, an extended policy is the better choice. General coverage puts limits on each area of liability protection and a limit on the overall policy payout per term. If you have an outsized need in just one or two areas of protection, raising the limits on that general coverage can be cost prohibitive. Public liability insurance is designed to provide as much protection as you need in that specific area of liability. It takes over where your general liability insurance stops, protecting you against the common and uncommon accidents that happen when you invite the public into a place of business.