Living in the age of lawsuits, it is little wonder that every profession needs protection against lawsuits. This includes teachers. Fortunately, there are insurance policies and legal precedents that protectteachers rights in a lawsuit.

Freedom of Speech

Although it might seem that everyone has this right, recently, teachers have come under fire for what they say. The supreme court has upheld this right as long as what was said does not delve into hate speech or demean others.

Freedom of Religion

Teachers’ rights in this incidence can get a bit tricky. Yes, they can indeed practice any religion that they want. Mentioning this religion in the classroom is a very different idea. For the most part, it is against school policy for teachers to mention religion in a non-religious classroom.

Right to Privacy

The right to privacy and social media has presented an interesting challenge for courts, lawyers and insurance cases. There are incidents of teachers being prosecuted or fired for something their social media sites have said. Unfortunately, it is unclear where these cases will lead. In many cases, both the Teachers Union and insurance against lawsuits protect teachers.

The need for insurance and legal counsel to help protect teachers is becoming more important in today’s society. Although teachers have the same rights as everyone else, they need to keep in mind that they are to model correct adult behavior for their students.