Equipment plays an integral part in most modern businesses. From the complex machinery used on construction sites to the laptops and tablets utilized by administrators in office settings, the tech involved in daily operations needs to be protected. Typically, finding an appropriate insurance plan is the best way to make this happen. Of course, equipment insurance is not a one-size-fits-all experience. In some cases, you may find that those specific categories of tech are not covered by a standard plan. 

What Falls Under This Category?

The type of equipment in question can dictate whether or not it falls under traditional coverage. For example, permenantly attached equipment insurance is structured for those who may have additions placed on vehicles used for commercial purposes. Auto policies don’t usually cover attached pieces like hoses, air movers, or cleaning devices, so you definitely want to take out additional coverage for anything that isn’t included. Other points you should keep in mind when selecting appropriate policies for your equipment can include: 

  • Inland Marine policy options for permanently mounted extractors and other large items
  • Equipment that can be removed falls under different coverage options
  • Policy options differ between providers

Discover the Perfect Coverage

Understanding how to best protect your company’s equipment is important. Review your options with insurance to find a policy that shields all of your vital tech from the unknown risks of the future.