In the architecture-engineering industry, your clients expect you to harness education and experience to develop detailed buildable plans for buildings, roadways, bridges and other types of deliverables. In addition to these plans, you generate calculations, specifications and other provisions that can be followed to make said plans a safe and functional reality. Errors in calculations and forgetting to include important details are just two of the many issues that can expose your design operations to lawsuits or claims that can harm the financial health of your firm.

Enter Professional Liability Protection

Professional liability insurance is also known as E&O insurance and is designed to address engineering errors and omissions. Consider purchasing this type of protection if you own a business that employs the following:

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Design Consultants
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Design-Build Professionals
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Drafting Professionals

These are just a few of the many roles that face exposure to E&O-related claims arising from damages or losses related to deliverables.

Cover Your Operations

Engineers and architects work hard to provide the details needed to deliver a complete set of buildable plans. Mistakes and omissions do happen, exposing your business. Many state agencies require their design consultants to carry E&O insurance. Find a provider who can help you come up with a real E&O protection solution that works.