If you’re a part of the vaping community, then you’ve probably heard some pretty scary stories surrounding deaths and illnesses from unsafe vape cartridges. If you’re not sure what is fact and what is fiction, here are a few FAQs to clear the air.

What Is Known

As of October 8th, 2019, 26 deaths linked with vape use have been confirmed in 21 of the United States. The use of only nicotine vaping was reported in lung injuries and illnesses as well. While it’s true that most of these illnesses and deaths have been associated with exclusive cannabis vaping, it’s also true that the cartridges associated are thought to be purchased off the street rather than from a legitimate, licensed dispensary. Safe cannabis vape cartridges have gone through rigorous testing and are created with no additives and all-natural products.

What Is Unknown

Chemists are still not sure what is causing these illnesses, the only link so far is the reported use of vaping by patients. Generally, professionals are warning users to refrain from purchasing products off the street and stick to well-respected head shops like King Harvest Medical Cannabis Care to avoid illness or injury.

While it’s unnerving that we know so little and still don’t yet know what is causing these illnesses, it is a good idea to put your health first and avoid the use of products that could hurt you. Purchase only items that have gone through state and federal standards and are sold legally.