Owning a business and providing people with employment comes with certain responsibilities. Federal and state law regulate many things that employers can and cannot do, and others dictate actions that employers are required to take in order to retain a business license. One such requirement for many companies is workers compensation in NY. Because your business is likely required to offer it, it’s important to know what a typical policy covers.

What Workers Compensation Covers

Typically, a workers compensation policy covers medical expenses and wage replacement for employees who are injured on the job. It also covers expenses associated with illness or injuries that are job-related, which means that even though the problem may not occur or surface in the workplace, it can still be covered as long as it is directly related to the job.

What Workers Compensation Doesn’t Cover

There are several cases in which workers compensation will not supplement medical expenses or give injured workers replacement wages. Cases that fall under this category may include:

  • injuries resulting from drug or alcohol use
  • injuries that employees purposely commit against themselves
  • injuries resulting from an altercation initiated by the injured worker
  • injuries resulting from disregarding work place policy

Because workers compensation in NY is governed by state rather than federal regulation, coverage may vary according to where you are located. Talk with a professional insurance agent in your area to find out more about coverage available to you.