If you are going to belong to a homeowners association, live in an apartment or condo building, or be in any other living situation where you’re in close contact with others, you may want to consider purchasing dangerous dog insurance. In fact, it may be required.

In some rental buildings and complexes, landlords will not offer you a lease unless you can prove that you have coverage in the event your dog should bite or otherwise injure another resident. This may especially be an issue if you own a breed that’s considered inherently “dangerous” – Dobermans, Rottweilers, German shepherds, huskies, and pit bulls, among others. Even if you’re sure your beloved pet is gentle and trustworthy, you may need to obtain insurance in order to be qualified to live in the home of your choice.

If your dog has any history of aggression – even in instances where the harm caused by an over-stimulated pet may have been unintentional – you may also be required to show proof of dangerous dog insurance. While some homeowners’ and renters’ policies provide coverage in the event of a dog bite incident, many exclude “dangerous” breeds and individual pets that have been aggressive in the past.

Be sure to check a landlord’s or homeowners association’s policies carefully before moving forward with a home rental or purchase, as well as determining whether there may be gaps in your current coverage. Dangerous dog insurance can ensure your peace of mind knowing that your dog will be able to stay with you in your new home.