Workers Compensation in New York is likely to be one of the most important insurance policies you’ll ever purchase but that doesn’t mean it should be complicated.  Here’s what you need to know about this valuPreviewable policy and how it helps you.

A Policy That’s Good for Employees

All employees deserve to work in an environment where safety is a priority; you can create this environment by having Workers Compensation in New York.  This policy protects employees in the following ways:

  • Compensates for the cost of medical expenses including doctor’s visits, tests, and rehabilitation
  • Provides payment in the case of dismemberment
  • Assists with the expense of illness contracted while on the job
  • In the case of employee death, the immediate family is compensated for the loss of the employee’s earning power

A Policy That’s Good for Employers

Employers receive numerous benefits from having Workers Compensation in New York:

  • Your policy helps protect against lawsuits and other claims brought against you or your business
  • Many valuable lines of coverage purchased for a reasonable premium
  • Grants high levels of liability coverage
  • Coverage applies to all business property
  • Additional coverage available to protect employees while engaged off-site

To help make these policies more effective, your insurance company may offer you safety evaluations.  These evaluations identify safety risks that have gone undetected; taking steps to correct these oversights will prevent devastating accidents later on.