To provide the best client service, consider working with ship repairers insurance wholesalers, who have detailed knowledge of the maritime insurance industry. Whether the insured is a marina or boatyard operator, an on-site repair person, a dealer, a detailer or some other maritime tradesperson, working with a wholesaler who knows the business may be in the best interests of all parties.

Ship repair and related trades are different from other types of businesses, and so require unique coverage solutions. You will want to offer your clients a tailored package of insurance options suited to their individual needs. For example, many marine trades businesses will need multiple types of liability and property coverage to insure against loss or damage to vessels being repaired as well as environmental pollution and cleanup costs. They may also need different kinds of employee coverage, depending on the type of work done. Ship repairers who exhibit at trade shows and other venues may benefit from show and exhibition coverage, and most will have equipment and tools to cover. Other property may include docks, wharves and commercial watercraft.

Ship repairers insurance wholesalers can help you help your clients get the coverage they need. An experienced wholesalers ability to tailor coverage to individual business needs is an invaluable asset as you serve your customers.