Yacht clubs offer a variety of services to their members. As with any business or club there are liability concerns. Clubs see a lot of different members and guests. After all, if you’re a part of the Yacht Clubs of America, then most likely your club allows guests from other yacht clubs. This means that you can have a lot of different kinds of people at any one time. You may still be wondering why you need liability insurance for yacht clubs. Well, here are a couple of reasons why you do.


As with any business, the risk for injury is always there. People can slip or fall and hold you liable. Also, if any of your members become sick at an event, they could blame your food and there is little that you can do to fight it. In this case, its helpful to have insurance that will cover any injuries sustained by your guests.


Even in the most secure areas, vandalism can happen. It can cost a lot of money to repair the dock and the boats that could have been potentially damaged in the vandalism. Its not always an easy clean up. With the right coverage, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Yacht clubs have a responsibility to their members. Its important to remember that you can be held liable for property damage or injuries and liability insurance for yacht clubs is the best course of action.